2016 Spring Wedding Trends

When it comes to wedding planning, it is important to be aware of trends for inspiration, but to utilize these trends in the right way, to suit your unique tastes on your special day. A fashion-forward, striking, and one-of-a-kind looking wedding that hits all the right notes will help your friends and family celebrate your love and allow you to start your new lives together on the right foot. While wedding planning, keep these 2016 spring wedding trends in mind and use them as inspiration.

Peaceful And Glamourous

Rather than ornate and over the top luxury, less is more is definitely on trend. This is one of the most zen of the 2016 spring wedding trends, utilizing open space and creamy neutrals for an airy and laid back wedding atmosphere with a lot of elegant breathing room.

Utilizing Vertical Space

Couple are getting creative with their space now, more than ever. Tricking the eye with hanging installation lights or flowers can make any space look at grand as a cathedral or open and light as an open air festival. Not one bit of space in the modern wedding is going unused.

Smaller Guest Lists Are On Trend

While grand weddings with hundreds of guests are not entirely a thing of the past, many couples are choosing smaller and more intimate affairs. This is one of the 2016 spring wedding trends that varies wildly from couple to couple, with many forgoing opulent receptions entirely to avoid excessive wedding planning and expenses, or choosing small scale destination weddings.

New Rustic

This is one of the most minimal and elegant 2016 spring wedding trends. It utilizes open air spaces and understated elegance.

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