Box Lunches are Perfect for Any Corporate Event

 If you’re hosting a big corporate event, you have to make sure that the troops are well fed!

But, we know how difficult picking food for just a handful of people can be, so we having to pick food for an entire company will present a lot of challenges. That’s why more and more companies are turning towards box lunches for their corporate events.

Box Lunches Will Make Your Corporate Event a Hit

Box Lunch Catering Services for Corporate Events

You may not have known this, but Martin’s is Maryland’s largest box lunch provider. Each year, Martin’s prepares more than a million box lunches. Whether you need to just serve 100 people or 30,000, we have you covered! We have three different tiers of box lunches that can include everything from a Greek pita to grilled tenderloin beef. Whatever you’re looking for at your corporate event, we have the perfect box lunches that will fit any budget!

Appeal to Everyone’s Tastes

It’s hard to appeal to everyone when you order from a restaurant or have a company that only specializes in one style of food cater an event. With box lunches, however, you can make sure that everyone will get exactly what they want. With Martin’s box lunches, you can offer everything from a jumbo lump crab salad pita to an Italian hoagie. Your sides could be anything from homemade Chesapeake slaw to black bean & corn salad. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like with Martin’s box lunches!

Still Keep Things Exciting, Yet Simple with Box Lunches

Ordering a bunch of pizza isn’t very creative, but dealing with a huge buffet isn’t always practical for corporate events. Box lunches, however, are able to make things exciting while also being practical. People will have the freedom to choose what they like, and there won’t be a big mess to cleanup after everyone is finished. Some people may want to snack on chips, while others would prefer an apple salad. But no matter what they chose, they can have fun options that won’t require hours to cleanup.

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