Camelot by Martin's Proposal Story "Ray & Wincy"

"We decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary at JoJo’s (where we had our first date). During our dinner course, the lead singer of the jazz band announced we were celebrating our anniversary. He called us to the stage area. While we were walking up, I was fussing with Ray and thinking that this man was going to make us sing karaoke or something. Plus, I was in the middle of chewing my salmon! The lead singer looked at me, asking Ray, “is this your wife?” Ray smiled and said, “no.” He then asked him, “what are you waiting for?” and Ray responded, “matter of fact, you are right.” He pulled a box out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked those magic words, ”will you be my queen?” Of course, I said YES and got even more excited after seeing my beautiful ring!" - Wincy Williams