Father's Day Activities: 5 Fun Ideas Dads Love


5 Fun things to do with Dad this Father’s Day: Father’s Day is a special day for kids and families altogether. It is a day to celebrate Dad and all of the things he does for everyone. We should appreciate Dad everyday but this day especially. The question is what to do with Dad on this special day. Here are some ideas:

1.      Father’s Day Bull Roast: Treat dad to All-You-Can-Eat Father’s Day Bull Roast at Martin’s West or Martin’s Crosswinds!  Enjoy a buffet of food, fun activities, music and  dancing. Also featuring, Maryland-Style Crabcakes. Beer, Wine and Soda included. Check out our additional menu option here: http://bit.ly/2sihScG9

2.      Work on a Project: Have any home improvements or projects needed to be done around the house? Give Dad a hand to make things go faster or just to spend quality time with him. He’ll appreciate it and you’ll get to just hangout.

3.      Movie Night: Curl up on the couch with Dad or the whole family and watch movies all night. Make sure to grab some popcorn and maybe some chocolatey treats!

4.      Jam out: Listen to some tunes with your dad and compare the different kinds of music the two of you like. Maybe get Dad some tickets to a concert or music festival that he likes. Even if you aren’t into the type of music, endure it just for this one day.

5.      Take a Hike: Take dad hiking on your favorite trail or for a stroll in the park. June is the perfect time of year for sunshine and bird watching. Maybe even getting a piggy back ride. Take advantage of a beautiful day and spend it outside with Dad. Go hiking early and get an appetite up for the Bull Roast!

Any time spent with Dad is going to be fun when spending time with family and friends!