How to Choose the Right DJ For Your Baltimore Wedding

After you've been to a wedding, what are the details that you most remember? Oftentimes it's the food that stands out most but for many people, a close second is the epic dance party that lasted well into the night. Having the right music can completely change the atmosphere at your wedding so choosing the right DJ is an important consideration. If you've decided against a live band (or will only have them play for a short amount of time), then you'll need to start thinking about bringing in a DJ. While you could queue up a playlist on your iPod and leave it at that, a professional DJ will make your wedding one to remember. Learn the ins and outs of choosing a good DJ for your Baltimore wedding in today's blog!

Consider their experience

Being a good DJ requires a certain skillset that takes time to develop. You need to learn how to read a crowd and figure out how to direct the mood of the party with your music choices. These skills take serious time to develop, so when considering a DJ for your Baltimore wedding, ask how long they've been in business. If it's just a hobby they do from time to time, your money would probably be better spent on someone with consistent experience. A skilled DJ will be able to orchestrate every detail of the party and ensure that your wedding is one your guests will remember.

Ask about other entertainment

Some Djs are strictly there for the music and plan to spend the entire evening in the DJ booth with headphones on. Others, however, are capable of also acting as an MC of sorts by announcing the bride and groom, directing guests toward details they need to know about, and generally helping out with managing the flow of the evening. If you're planning a large or complex wedding, it may be worth it to seek out a DJ who is equally good at managing a crowd as they are at making your guests want to dance.

Find out if they're local

While this is not a total dealbreaker, a DJ who is familiar with Baltimore may be able to pump up your guests more than someone who doesn't know much about Maryland. A local DJ will be able to create a more personalized experience for your wedding guests and will be able to cater their music choices accordingly.


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