How to Choose the Right Table Shape for Your Maryland Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, little details that you probably have never thought about before quickly become major concerns. Planning the seating chart can be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding process, but before you can even begin, you'll have to decide what type of table shape you'll choose. Are round, square, or rectangular tables best suited for your wedding? Find out in today's blog!




How to Choose the Right Table Shape for Your Maryland Wedding


Rectangular wedding tables

Rectangular wedding tables are great for conversations as you can easily talk to your neighbors and at least 3 people across from you. Round tables make it nearly impossible to speak with the person directly opposite while you eat without shouting to make yourself heard. Rectangular shaped tables also add an air of timeless elegance so if you're going for a black-tie wedding, this shape is your best bet.

Round wedding tables

Round wedding tables are a great option if budget is forefront in your mind. They generally only require one centerpiece, whereas a long rectangular table may need 2 or 3 in order to fill up the space appropriately. Tablecloths for round tables are also often less expensive than their rectangular counterparts. Round tables are a great option for less formal weddings as they encourage guests to move around since you often can't hear others very well if they're more than 2 seats away.

Square wedding tables

If you have a small wedding and you want to keep things intimate, square tables can be a great option. They allow all guests to talk to each other freely and are perfect for cozy and informal weddings where you want guests to be able to mingle easily.

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