How to Plan Your Baltimore Wedding Entertainment (On a Budget!)

Let’s be honest: Weddings can quickly get expensive. While it is absolutely worth it to splurge on your special day, sometimes the sticker shock can leave you a little dizzy as the cost of centerpieces and decor and invitations begin to add up. Most wedding planning experts urge couples to invest in the two most important aspects of the day: The venue and the food. It’s not worth being stingy on the elements that guests are likely to remember most. While we don’t recommend skimping on your wedding entertainment (after all, bad DJs can be really bad), it is an area of planning that can be pulled off on a budget with a little bit of creativity. Learn some tips for planning your wedding entertainment on a budget, below.

How to Plan Your Baltimore Wedding Entertainment (On a Budget!)

Band or DJ? Why not both!

One of the biggest questions a couple will face about their wedding entertainment is whether to hire a band or a DJ. While this mostly comes down to personal preference, you might be surprised to realize that you could save money by hiring both! By hiring a band and a DJ to play for part of the time during your wedding, they’ll likely charge much less than they would for a full event.

Shop around

There’s a common myth that DJs are always less expensive than a live band, but this is not necessarily the case. Before you set your heart on either a band or a DJ, spend some time shopping around and comparing prices and services. Keep in mind: Some DJs will provide additional services, such as emceeing and making announcements. Be sure to use this as a factor in your decision making, especially if you’re hosting a large or complex wedding when an announcer would come in handy.

Don’t book your Baltimore wedding entertainment for less time than you’ll need

It may be tempting to try to cut corners by telling yourself that your guests will only want to dance for 2 hours, but beware of underestimating how much performing time you’ll need. If you book for too little time and then ask the band or DJ to keep playing, you’ll face hefty overage charges that will be much more than you would have spent had you just booked them for an extra hour or two.

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