Martin’s Crosswinds: Dominican Beach Proposal, Krystal & Pete


It was our anniversary and we always celebrated our anniversary by taking a vacation. This year Pete and I decided to go to Dominican Republic. It was a beautiful trip! We did excursions, partied at Coco Bongo and even planned romantic dinner on the beach for our last night. However, it had rained that entire day and into the evening so the dinner was cancelled. Pete was very adamant about having this dinner on the beach which was weird but I didn't think anything of it at the time. So he then told me "Well it’s our last night here so let’s watch the sunrise in the morning on the beach and have breakfast”. Unfortunately, we both overslept and missed the sunrise.

That morning, after waking a little later then we had anticipated, I woke up to kisses on my forehead and Pete insisting we go to the beach. Once we arrived he asked someone to take a picture of us.  Pete instantly got on one knee and proposed. I HAD NO CLUE. Obviously it then made sense as to why he was so adamant about going to the beach because he knows how much I LOVE the beach and knew how memorable it would be for me. And boy was I elated!