Tips for Hosting Your Maryland-Style Crab Feast

 A crab feast is a fun, interactive dining experience for guests of all ages. Your guests will appreciate being a part of such a unique and memorable experience. Whether you plan on using a professional caterer, or steaming the crabs yourself, here are some great tips for hosting a Maryland crab feast.

Dine Outside
A crab feast is best enjoyed outdoors. There will be less of a mess to clean up, and eating outside just adds to the festive atmosphere. Set up long, family-style tables in your yard, and cover them with newspaper or brown paper. Every table should have mallets, knives, bowls of water, and rolls of paper towels at easy reaching distance. Put small bowls of melted butter, white vinegar, and crab seasoning at each place setting.

Choose the Perfect Menu to Complement Your Crab Feast
While a crab feast may be a full meal in and of itself, you can really wow your guests by building a complementary menu around the dish of honor. Serve side dishes of grilled corn, a tomato and cucumber salad, hush puppies, and fresh, juicy watermelon. Offer the adults a crisp, refreshing light beer to drink.

Use an Off-Premise Catering Service
If you’re not an expert cook, you may feel daunted by the idea of preparing enough crabs to satisfy your guests. An off-premise catering service that specializes in seafood can help make your crab feast a success. If you use a caterer, your crab feast will likely also include delicious, perfectly prepared salads, side dishes and desserts. The event planners who works for your catering service will ensure that your crab feast is a success, and that your guests leave full and happy.

At Martin’s Caterers, we can help you host a crab feast near Baltimore, either at your home, or at one of our large event centers. Our skilled caterers can steam delicious, fresh crabs for groups as small as 100 and as large as 5,000. For more information about our crab feasts and off-premise catering services, call us today at (410) 944-9433.


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