What You Should Know BEFORE You Create Your Wedding List, Read This

Happy wedding season everyone! We have a lot of exciting weddings approaching and our staff is ready to deliver. I recently was scrolling through our event list and observed the number of guest that varied significantly for each wedding. I shouldn’t have been surprised considering our elaborate, yet elegant ballrooms which can accommodate from 100 to 2000 guests for any type of wedding or event. Yes, we can do it all!

 I couldn’t help but wonder, how do you begin the process of creating a guest list? Obviously, your wedding budget would increase with your guest list - with that being said, you also have to account for making sure your guest are fed and hydrated, Right? Sadly, this is not including details of invitations and favors. 

 I went out to seek answers. After wandering our hallways, I had the pleasure to speak with a few soon-to-be brides who were wrapping up their last minute details and were happy to share some tips. I can only imagine what a huge accomplishment this is in the whole planning process.   Here are some tips I gathered from these soon-to-be brides.

Communication is key

Anyone who has be given rights to invite should be collaborating with you, the bride. This will make for less confusion and everyone will be on the same page as to how this decision will play out.  In some cases the parents like to play a role as well.

Pick a number, any number! (Hint: One that you think fits your budget)

How big of a wedding do you actually want? Will you be inviting friends, family, co-workers or just family?  Intimate weddings have become more and more popular. If you decide to go intimate, tell your friends. Although some may be disappointed, everyone will understand. If you’re going big, know your budget!

Time to put the pen to paper

Once your headcount is established, each person will create a list and then compare it.This will not always be a 50/50 split, but it will give you an idea and see if any names were duplicated. Try to keep it balanced!

If you invite your boss, this doesn’t mean you have to invite half of your team. 

Inviting your boss is simply a nice gesture, but don’t feel the pressure to invite your entire team.  Push the guilt aside, they will understand.


We can tend to make more friends after a few glasses of wine, try to dodge the invite talk.

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