Our Customers Say

You can tell a lot about a company by what their customers have to say. At Martin's, we pay especially close attention to our customers' comments. In fact, our customers receive a questionnaire from us after every event. Their opinions count! We want to know what they thought about the service, the facility, the food and their overall experience. We read each and every questionnaire because we are always looking for ways to make our customers' experience even more exceptional.

Martin's Customer Questionnaire

You may be surprised to know that we publish those questionnaires right here on this web page. Take a look at them, and you'll see why Martin's has earned the best reputation in the catering business.

Are the questionnaires always 100% "Excellent?" Of course not. Every once in a while we learn of an issue that needs attention. And you can be sure when that happens, the sheet ends up on the General Manager's desk. And it is taken care of immediately.

So read them over. We look forward to serving you here soon, and then reading your comments.

Other Client Comments

Martin's Crosswinds was an excellent place and location to Celebrate my sisters 45th birthday.  The room was simply elegant!, The food was exquisite, especially, the crab cakes. You have not tasted crab cakes until you've tasted one of theirs. The chef of the evening was top knotch, the  best and their team was great.   The decorations was beautiful, and the place left us  speechless and the guest response was wow!

Martin's did a great job, and kudos to the Events Planner Lena, who made this an excellent event and we pulled it all together in two weeks time.  Martins General manager and staff was very cordial and respectful.

My newphews Tony and Kevin Durant were very pleased that we chose to hold the their mom's birthday celebration at Martins and thought autie made a great selection.

Thank you Martins Crosswinds, in Greenbelt Md. for a beautiful and elegant evening celebrating my sister's birthday.  I would definitely plan another event here and recommend others to do so.

Thanks for a wonderful birthday celebration!

Michele Ridgley
Wanda Pratts 45th Birthday Celebration
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