7 Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

As the summer begins, the trends for weddings increase due to it being the start of wedding season.  So many new trends and old ones coming back are in season and we thought we’d share them with you!

1.      Fun in the sun: When the weather is this beautiful, how could you not have your wedding outside! Outside venues trending this summer are beach venues, botanical gardens, lake side venues and countryside fields/ barns. Martin’s West features a nice outside venue with beautiful gazebos and a large lawn for many guests.

2.      Dance, Dance: At the reception all your guests will be busting moves on the dancefloor and having a great time. The hard question is to choose a big band or a DJ. Summer 2018 is the summer for live music with cover bands and more.

3.      Decorations: Flowers and centerpieces are a big part in any wedding ceremony/ reception so which ones to choose? The big fad right now is combining fruit and flowers together to make centerpieces and more. Also, hanging flowers for centerpieces are also very in. To put it all together, use wooden vases to bring everything together for your perfect wedding.

4.      Color Coordination: Every wedding has a theme and color scheme. The issue with picking colors is wanting so many. The trick is to pick 2 colors and maybe a neutral to go with it so you don’t overcrowd your wedding with the rainbow.  The trending colors this summer are blush pink and  rose gold.

5.      Invitations: When picking out invitations, it is a critical step because it is the first thing your guests will see, to associate with your wedding. Trending now is the mix and match. Figure out the color scheme for your wedding and the theme. Next, play around with different patterns like stripes and floral patterns. They complement each other greatly!

6.      Food: Starting off the wedding with appetizers is normal and the beginning so make sure you do it right! Sliders, shooters and the essential pigs in a blanket. Cheese and wine platters are getting bigger in the market as well!

7.      Dessert: Traditional cakes were always the win when it came to the dessert but they started to fade away when cake pops and mini pies came around. Summer 2018 they are making a comeback with jeweled and floral designs to go with it. Also, Mini desserts around it to compliment the cake which is the center of attention.


Written by: Allie Bernstein