Now What? 4 Things to Do Right After You Get Engaged


There are so many things to do after getting engaged it’s hard to keep track of which ones to do first. Here is a list of 4 things to do after getting engaged.

1.     Call family and friends: Let everyone know the good news by calling all of your family and friends and celebrating this wonderful occasion!

2.     Set your budget: Get together with your fiancé and figure out the budget you are dealing with so you can start making plans.

3.     Pick a date: Start thinking about when you want to get married. What season and month then pick the day! Be sure to be flexible with it though because some wedding venues might not have your exact day.

4.      Select a venue: Think about the scenery of your wedding and where you want it to be. When picking a venue you want them to have your date available. Martins is very accommodating to this issue because we have many different locations so we can have the date you want at many locations.

Congrats to getting engaged! Hope you started planning and this list helped.

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