Tips for Throwing a Laid Back Wedding Reception

A lot of couples don’t want a wedding that’s full of pomp and circumstance. How you plan your wedding reception will have a big impact on the vibe of the day, and by following these tips, you can throw a wedding reception that’s perfectly you without getting caught up in details you don’t care about.

Tips for Throwing a Laid Back Wedding Reception

Host a cocktail party

Many couples plan a cocktail hour where hors d’oeuvres are served to keep guests entertained and satisfied until it’s time to sit down for the full meal. If you’d rather go without the formality of a sit-down dinner, you can turn your entire reception into a cocktail party! So long as you offer enough passed appetizers to keep guests happy, no one will miss being served a full meal. If you choose this option, be sure to mention it in your wedding invitation so guests know what to expect.

Serve a buffet

Another laid-back way to avoid the formality of a sit down meal at your wedding reception is to serve a buffet instead. Buffets are a great way to offer a lot of variety in a low-key manner that lets guests take as much or as little as they like. This is also a great option when you have a variety of diet restrictions to take into account, so if you’re expecting a handful of vegans, a couple of vegetarians, some guests with gluten allergies, and some die-hard carnivores, a buffet is a great way to satisfy all of their appetites.

Offer a dessert bar

If you and your sweetie absolutely love sweets then a dessert bar is just the ticket. You can offer a variety of candies, pastries, and other sweet things that will keep all of your guests satisfied. It also adds a unique twist to your laid back wedding reception and will surely be an element that your guests remember fondly.

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