Proposal Story

Martin's Caterers Proposal Story "Joe & Lynn"

Joe and I have known each other for over 25 years. After being in separate (failed) marriages we reconnected our friendship in 2011. After hanging out and spending time together we started a relationship in October 2014. Since we knew each other rather well things were progressing quickly. We bought a condo in August 2015, one month later we had an Open House Warming party. Joe gave me a large box as an "Open House" gift and at the bottom of the box under other gifts there was a teddy bear holding a small box.


Valley Mansion Proposal Story "Jennifer & David"

David proposed on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Patapsco State Park. He had planned for months with the help of my sister, Janelle and best friend, Maquita to surprise me with a romantic proposal in the park.

 Earlier that evening the we had went to the movies and later David had made plans to take me to dinner at a restaurant nearby. He pretended to get lost while driving to the restaurant and we wound up driving through the park until we arrived a beautifully decorated and romantic bungalow of purple flowers, paper laterns and lights.


Camelot by Martin's Proposal Story "Ray & Wincy"

"We decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary at JoJo’s (where we had our first date). During our dinner course, the lead singer of the jazz band announced we were celebrating our anniversary. He called us to the stage area.


Martin's West Proposal Story "Calvin & Jennifer"

In April 2015, Calvin suggested that we have a video date that Friday, May 1st. We had been dating long distance for a year, with me in Maryland and him in Arizona. We'd video chatted before but this would be slightly different. We'd dress up, order food and eat it in front of the computer as if we were actually out together. The plan was to leave our respective homes at the same time to pick up our food. We'd talk to each other on the phone while on our way to the restaurants. I missed him a lot so this made me very excited!

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