Wedding Dress Guide Part1: Shapes & Silhouettes

Oct 20, 2023 | Wedding

Wedding dress shopping is perhaps one of the most fun and exciting parts of planning your wedding. It’s one of the only things you will (maybe) keep a secret from your fiancée and it’s something special just for you, not for your guests or bridal party, etc.

Your wedding gown is more than just fabric and stitches; it’s the magical piece that will grace your photos for years to come, reminding you of that enchanting feeling when you slipped into your dream dress on your big day. But we understand that the world of wedding dress styles can be a maze, and it’s perfectly natural to wonder which dress suits your unique style and body type. If you’ve ever had late-night thoughts about wedding dress shapes, don’t fret – we’re here to guide you!

1. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: The Classic Charm

Transport yourself back to the 1950s with a ball gown – the embodiment of timeless elegance. If you envision your dream dress as pure ‘princess,’ this is your style. With a snug, structured bodice and a grand, voluminous skirt, the ball gown will accentuate your waist, making it appear tiny. Perfect for brides who want to highlight their top half and forget about any concerns regarding hips or lower tummy. Plus, tall brides, this one’s a winner for you, too!

2. A-line Wedding Dresses: Soft, Subtle, and Universally Flattering

If you love the ball gown effect but prefer something more subtle, consider an A-line gown. Shaped like a capital ‘A,’ it’s softer, more romantic, and a tad more modern. Universally flattering, A-line dresses offer coverage for your lower half and work wonders for brides with more on top or petite, curvy figures. They’re comfortable and easy to move in, striking a balance between comfort and coverage.

3. Mermaid/Fishtail Wedding Dresses: Embrace Your Curves

Mermaid gowns are the go-to for accentuating your hourglass figure. These gowns hug your curves from bust to waist to hips and then flare out dramatically. Ideal for brides who want to flaunt their curves, mermaid dresses bring out the best in your shape.

4. Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses: The Modern, Timeless Blend

For brides who seek a blend of figure-flattering style and alignment with their wedding’s tone, fit and flare dresses are perfect. These gowns, with a fitted top and a gentle flare at the bottom, create a stunning silhouette, whether you’re pear-shaped, hourglass, curvy, or athletic. A choice that offers both modern and timeless vibes.

5. Column/Sheath Wedding Dresses: Elevate Your Elegance

Want to enhance your height or create an elongated look? Column and sheath gowns are your go-to styles. They’re perfect for both tall and shorter brides, as they can either elongate your silhouette or showcase your existing height. Straight lines and continuous flow add a touch of the 1920s flapper style with a contemporary twist.

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