Wedding Dress Guide Part2: The Neckline’s Vital Role

Oct 23, 2023 | Wedding

Welcome back to our Wedding Dress Guide! In Part 2, we’re diving into the world of necklines. Just like dress silhouettes, the neckline is a pivotal element when you’re on the quest for a dress that complements your figure and makes you feel incredibly beautiful and confident.

The neckline isn’t just about style; it’s an integral component in balancing your neck, shoulders, and drawing attention to your face. With so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but don’t fret – we’ve got your back. Your comfort is our priority, so let’s explore which features you’d like to highlight and what you might want to divert attention from. We’ve compiled a handy list of various neckline types and the features they celebrate.


Bardot: Elegance in Exposing Shoulders

The Bardot neckline, one of the most romantic choices, leaves your shoulders exposed while gently covering a portion of the arm. It’s a universally flattering style that suits brides of all body shapes. This neckline beautifully draws attention to the décolletage, making it a classic trend that stands the test of time. It’s particularly ideal for brides with small to medium-sized busts looking to enhance their upper body.

Bateau/Boatneck: Regal and Refined

The wider bateau neckline offers a hint of the collarbone and exudes a regal aura. It’s no wonder many royal brides, including Meghan Markle, have opted for this design. This neckline complements willowy figures and helps balance the appearance of wider hips and narrow shoulders, making it popular among hourglass and pear-shaped brides.

Halter: The Return of Elegance

The halter style is making a comeback, with brides like Sofia Richie leading the trend. It can be a high-neck dress with deep armholes or feature straps that tie around the back. Athletic brides, this style is perfect for showcasing your physique, and it can even make petite brides appear taller.

Illusion: Sheer Elegance

The illusion neckline features sheer mesh material that creates the appearance of exposed skin. Glamorous and sensual, this neckline makes a stunning statement, especially when adorned with lace, pearls, or intricate beading. It’s a beautiful way to draw attention to your neck, arms, and shoulders.

One-Shoulder: Asymmetrical Beauty

A one-shoulder dress leaves one shoulder bare while the other has a strap or support. This asymmetrical neckline is an excellent choice for brides who want to minimize the appearance of broad shoulders.


Plunge: The Epitome of Glamour

Plunging necklines exude glamour and, as a rule of thumb, help elongate the torso. Petite brides will find plunging necklines especially flattering, as they add shape to the area. However, brides with a larger bust may require more support.


Round/Scoop: Versatility at Its Best

The round/scoop neckline is wildly versatile. It’s perfect for those who want to flaunt a bit of cleavage while enjoying added support. The width of your shoulders will determine whether a narrow or wider scoop neckline suits you. It’s adaptable to a range of shoulder types.

Bold Straight: Simple and Elegant

If you dream of a gown that shows off your arms and shoulders but prefer more modest coverage than a plunge or sweetheart neckline, the straight neckline is your ideal choice. Straight strapless gowns are particularly flattering for brides with smaller busts.


Sweetheart/Semi-Sweetheart: Celebrate Love in Style

The sweetheart neckline, shaped like the top of a heart, celebrates love in style. It’s the most popular wedding dress neckline, loved for its flattering qualities across all shapes and sizes. Ideal for fuller-chested brides, it spotlights the décolletage and enhances the illusion of a curvier figure. Your neck will appear longer. A semi-sweetheart style is an excellent fit for brides with smaller busts.

Bold V-Neck: Flattering and Lengthening

V-neck wedding dresses are real power players, flattering the bust and adding height to the frame. They are ideal for pear and hourglass-shaped figures, helping to balance out wider hips and shoulders, particularly for brides with rectangle or inverted triangle shapes.

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